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1. Different cleaning services will entail a different group of services. Please review the descriptions of services to be provided for each service at the time of booking.

2. Access to the service area will need to be granted prior to scheduled booking time. If property access codes are not provided, Client will be responsible for allowing entry to facility prior to booking. 

3. If Client has allergies or for any reason, specific cleaning chemicals are not desired, client is responsible for stating so in the notes section at the time of booking. For a full list of our Material Saftey Data Sheets, please contact us for a list of cleaning products we use.

4. Company is not responsible for any allergic or side effects caused from use of cleaning products for humans or animals that may reside or enter into the service area.

5. Should Client desire to use products not commonly stocked by our cleaners, the Client should provide these cleaning products and make them readily available for use prior to the scheduled cleaning service.

6. Should any type of construction, treatment, sealant, epoxy, resin, or surface products be recently applied to any surface in the house, Client should notify the Company in the notes section at the time of booking or within the booking task card prior to scheduled service. This will help Company identify and avoid any toxic or potential harmful combination of cleaning chemicals to be used.

7. Should an area be deemed too dangerous to perform work, crews have the full right to stop work until the area is deemed safe to work in. Should an area not be deemed safe to work in, the service may need to be rescheduled, cancelled, forfeited, or additional equipment and personnel may be needed to work safely. Should this occur, additional cost could occur outside of the original booking fee.

1. Grass will be cut to height recommended by crew based on type of grass and season.

2. Access to the property is authorized at all times during the duration of this service contract.

3. Any gate, community, or general access codes needed to perform service at the booking location will be provided by the client at the time of ordering a booking.

4. Should a crew arrive on site to perform service and access is not permitted or site conditions do not meet our term conditions, the service will be performed to the crew's best ability and will be counted as a normal service call.

5. Service area should be cleared of all debris and objects such as but not limited to: rocks, trash, debris, toys, pet items, chains, leashes, animal constraints, trash cans, trampolines, basketball goals, playgrounds, and any object that would prevent crews from performing service in the areas.

6. Crews will not move any objects to perform service due to safety and liability of the objects and future circumstances that may possibly arise as a direct result. This includes but not limited to: trampolines, grills, basketball goals, grills, play houses, etc. Please rotate these items prior to service if you need service in those areas.

7. Should areas contain waste such as but not limited to: trash, animal waste, debris, etc., additional fees may occur or service may be rejected.

8. Pets will be removed from the service area prior to commencing work.

9. Client will ensure no persons, vehicles, or animals enter the working space while equipment is in use or service is being performed.

10. Service areas should not contain any standing or flowing water throughout the working area. Should the area be deemed too wet to perform service the client surrenders the right to perform the task and will be marked as a completed task by the crew.

11. Sprinklers, plants, utility lines, wiring, and any potential objects that could be damaged during work will be marked by the client or utility company using a colored ribbon or flagging prior to commencing work. 

12. Any damaged caused as a result of non compliance with our terms of service will be at the client's sole responsibility.

13. Crews will not perform mowing services directly within flowerbeds or within 6" of any utility lines unless a cleanup service is ordered and is approved by a company manager prior to commencing work.

14. Crew will not perform any excavation or work that is deemed as unsafe and has full right to stop work. 

15. Any necessary permits or approvals that may be required in order to perform the booking service will be at the sole responsibility for the client to aquire and maintain throughout the duration of the service contract.

1. Any permits and local approvals should be requested and permitted by the client.

2. Company is not responsible for damage or incidents that may occur from performing service.

3. Client agrees no people or animals will be in or near the work zone.