Please see itemized list of cleaning service standards below. Click on any service to see a full scope of work.

1. Different cleaning services will entail a different group of services. Please review the descriptions of services to be provided for each service at the time of booking.

2. Access to the service area will need to be granted prior to scheduled booking time. If property access codes are not provided, Client will be responsible for allowing entry to facility prior to booking. 

3. If Client has allergies or for any reason, specific cleaning chemicals are not desired, client is responsible for stating so in the notes section at the time of booking. For a full list of our Material Saftey Data Sheets, please contact us for a list of cleaning products we use.

4. Company is not responsible for any allergic or side effects caused from use of cleaning products for humans or animals that may reside or enter into the service area.

5. Should Client desire to use products not commonly stocked by our cleaners, the Client should provide these cleaning products and make them readily available for use prior to the scheduled cleaning service.

6. Should any type of construction, treatment, sealant, epoxy, resin, or surface products be recently applied to any surface in the house, Client should notify the Company in the notes section at the time of booking or within the booking task card prior to scheduled service. This will help Company identify and avoid any toxic or potential harmful combination of cleaning chemicals to be used.

7. Should an area be deemed too dangerous to perform work, crews have the full right to stop work until the area is deemed safe to work in. Should an area not be deemed safe to work in, the service may need to be rescheduled, cancelled, forfeited, or additional equipment and personnel may be needed to work safely. Should this occur, additional cost could occur outside of the original booking fee.